Oil painting with palette knife on canvas - 2019

My personal exhibition consists of portraits of some Italians who migrated to Argentina in the last century. I am deeply touched by this topic, from a personal perspective. Being an immigrant myself, I wanted to tell my own story through these portraits.  The story of everyone who leaves their life behind, right on the other side of the ocean, and brings nothing but their heart and the hope to find themselves. I am the one who tells this story, the great-granddaughter of Domenico Vitulano, born in Molfetta, Bari. When he had to abandon his hometown in Italy, he brought with him many insecurities and also great hopes about a far and unknown country in South America. 

The war and its aftermath had been devastating but there was a promising horizon somewhere away from Italy. This idea was reaffirmed by the stories told by other immigrants. The American continent was being built, and it was very promising. This is how my great-grandfather, Domenico, moved to Argentina and made his own family with five children: Beatrice, Nicolassa, Lucia, Pablo, and my grandfather, Andrea (Andrés, in Spanish). There are many other stories like mine, and not only in Argentina but also throughout South and North America: Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, United States, etc.

Santo Picco

Benoit Lampasona

Angelo Salerno

Doménico Amantea

Domenico Vitulano

Ema Celestina Pierina Birchner

María Mastroianni

Marietta Cosentino – 1

Marietta Cosentino – 2

Urbano Petroselli

Vincenzo Re – Giovanna Incremona

Carolina Correa